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All of us have had problems with our devices getting hot from time to time, but desperation to ease or solve the problem may lead to some unorthodox solutions. With that in mind, today’s SuperUser Q&A post has the answers to a worried reader’s questions.

我们所有人都不时遇到设备变热的问题,但绝望地缓解或解决该问题可能会导致某些非常规的解决方案。 考虑到这一点,今天的SuperUser Q&A帖子可以解答读者担心的问题。

Today’s Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUser—a subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&A web sites.

今天的“问答”环节由SuperUser提供,它是Stack Exchange的一个分支,该社区是由社区驱动的Q&A网站分组。

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问题 (The Question)

SuperUser reader kenorb wants to know if placing a MacBook in a refrigerator to cool it down will damage it:


I have a longstanding problem with my laptops (MacBook Air and Pro) overheating, especially during hot summer days. I have found that keeping them in a refrigerator for half an hour makes a dramatic difference in their performance. However, I am afraid of the side effects and that the laptops may stop working because of moisture getting into the internal parts.

我的笔记本电脑(MacBook Air和Pro)过热,尤其是在炎热的夏季,我长期存在问题。 我发现将它们放在冰箱中放置半小时会对它们的性能产生巨大影响。 但是,我担心会有副作用,并且由于水分进入内部部件,笔记本电脑可能会停止工作。

How safe is it to put a laptop in a refrigerator? Is keeping it in a sleeve case or a plastic bag enough to protect the laptop? Does the temperature and time spent in a refrigerator also matter (i.e. half an hour is an optimal time)? Is it a bad idea overall and can it quickly damage the laptop (assuming it is in Sleep mode so that it is basically turned off)?

将笔记本电脑放在冰箱中有多安全? 将它放在袖珍盒或塑料袋中是否足以保护笔记本电脑? 在冰箱中花费的温度和时间也很重要吗(例如,半小时为最佳时间)? 总体来说,这是一个坏主意吗,它会Swift损坏笔记本电脑吗(假设它处于“睡眠”模式,因此基本上已关闭了电源)?

Will placing a MacBook in a refrigerator to cool it down damage it?


答案 (The Answer)

SuperUser contributors Cand3r, Peter, and mycowan have the answer for us. First up, Cand3r:

超级用户贡献者Cand3r,Peter和mycowan为我们找到了答案。 首先,Cand3r:

The concern is not really the time during which your laptop is in the refrigerator, but after you take it out. The cold laptop/parts will pull water out of the air after it is taken out of the refrigerator, even if it was in a plastic bag. Think of a glass of water. It does not “sweat” while it is in the refrigerator, but if you take it out on a hot day it does.

真正关心的不是笔记本电脑放入冰箱的时间,而是取出笔记本电脑后的时间。 从冰箱中取出 ,冷的笔记本电脑/部件将把空气中的水抽出,即使是放在塑料袋中也是如此。 想想一杯水。 当它在冰箱中时,它不会“发汗”,但是如果天气炎热,将其取出。

The other concern is, depending on the temperature difference you are “creating”, some extra wear and tear on the components due to the expanding and contracting of parts.


The only thing I can think of to recommend is getting a laptop dock with fans built into it to help move air around the laptop.


Followed by the answer from Peter:


As others have already said, you are killing your laptop with the condensation. Some better solutions are:

正如其他人已经说过的那样,您正在用冷凝水杀死笔记本电脑。 一些更好的解决方案是:

  • You say the laptop is still under warranty. Use the warranty.

    您说笔记本电脑仍在保修期内。 使用保修。
  • Use bottled air to clean the fans without opening the laptop up (and voiding the warranty).

  • Search Google for laptop cooling pads. The ones with larger fans make less noise.

    在Google中搜索笔记本电脑的冷却垫 。 风扇较大的风扇发出的噪音较小。


And our final answer from mycowan:


I had a similar overheating problem with my MacBook where the fan was always spinning away. My solution was to freeze an ice pack, wrap it in a tea towel to absorb moisture, and then sit my MacBook on that.

我的MacBook出现了类似的过热问题,风扇一直在旋转。 我的解决方案是冻结冰袋,将其包裹在茶巾中以吸收水分,然后将MacBook放在上面。


After a few minutes, the fan stopped and my MacBook was happily cooled.


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