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模板:Below is a paragraph from an academic paper. Polish the writing to meet the academic style,improve the spelling, grammar, clarity, concision and overall readability. When necessary, rewrite the whole sentence. Furthermore, list all modification and explain the reasons to do so in markdown table. Paragraph :XXX




Can you help me ensure that the grammar and the spelling is correct? Do not try to polish the text, if no mistake is found, tell me that this paragraph is good. If you find grammar or spelling mistakes, please list mistakes you find in a two-column markdown table, put the original text the first column, put the corrected text in the second column and highlight the key words you fixed. Example: Paragraph: How is you? Do you knows what is it? | Original sentence | Corrected sentence | | :--- | :--- | | How is you? | How are you? | | Do you knows what is it? | Do you know what it is ? | Below is a paragraph from an academic paper. You need to report all grammar and spelling mistakes as the example before. Paragraph: XXX


模板: Please translate following sentence to English:XXX