react-native start ERROR Packager can't listen on port 8081

时间:2021-07-02 19:32:09
D:\rnworkspace\Hello>react-native start
Scanning 568 folders for symlinks in D:\rnworkspace\Hello\node_modules (41ms)
 │  Running packager on port 8081.


 │  Keep this packager running while developing on any JS projects. Feel

 │  free to close this tab and run your own packager instance if you

 │  prefer.




Looking for JS files in

 ERROR  Packager can't listen on port 8081

Most likely another process is already using this port
Run the following command to find out which process:

   lsof -n -i4TCP:8081

You can either shut down the other process:

   kill -9 <PID>

or run packager on different port.


for common problems and solutions.


1.修改监听借口 ,命令如 react-native start --port=8088

2.找到占用端口的进程,删除 查找命令如下:

netstat -ano

tasklist|findstr "2720" //2720 是PID