Problem:To Connect with MySQL in Virtual PC Environment

时间:2022-04-02 07:23:58

I'm trying to build a 1:n dev environment,with the help of Vsever(just like VMware worked on sever)

Things seem to be OK while I copy the os mirror to the virtual pc and install it.

Building My IDE(python+npp), Installing libraries needed, vcredist_x64 and WAMP are also small case.

The IPs config just like this:

10.10.x.x is the ip of Virtual PCs and 172.16.x.x are of Real PCs.

The net gate join with so that the V and the R are combined as one.|||||




After all above,I start the WAMPserver service and got an green status, it worked!

check into my pc,type in the broswer::The traditional WAMP index page appears--connecting with virtual pc by http is OK!


  start WAMPserver in real PC and type can get the same result

It seems that all things are OK,but, while I try to use Navicat connect whit mysql in, I got a 10061.

To my confused,It's ok to connect with Navicat from Virtual PC(

Just Like This:

From Http:(In Broswer)

  10.10.10.x <-------------------->

From IP:PORT(In Navicat)

  10.10.10.x  --------------------->

  10.10.10.x  <-----------X---------

I wander if there are some fucking configuration in the IP_conf

After several trys ...orz

Chart with friends in qq group and XXX says that it may because of the fire wall configuration.

Googled it!

In The Fire Wall Configuration:

  build a new port rule that allow the 3306 blablablabla.

  named the rule with a XXX name and save