February 2nd, 2018 Week 5th Friday

时间:2021-08-23 03:36:31

Reputation takes a life time to build and a second to destroy.


To be a smart man, I must know to do something good even though it may be small, and not do something wicked even though it may be tiny, because if I want to build up a good reputation, I must be prudent and take my precautions for any potential wrongdoing.

But sometimes it is unavoidable to make some mistakes, some stupid mistakes, otherwise it may be impossible to find out the right answers.

How to find a balance?

You do ill if you praise, but worse if you censure, what you do not understand.


From Leonardo da Vinci.

Please bear in mind that always try to be lavish with your prasie and always try to bring on the compliments to others, for every of us wants to get the approval from the outside.

Please bear in mind that always try to be kind, everyone we meet with may be fighting a hard battle of his life.

Just like in the workplace, if I want to be a qualified technical manager, I should always be generous with my praise to my team-members and I should be brave to take the responsibilities I deserve.

That means, when talking with the seniors, I should be able to take the responsibilites for any mistake in my team, of course, it is also good to take some credits for the achievements of my team; when talking to my colleagues, I should be generous and lay the praise on them with a trowel.

As to myself, I would be like to hear some criticism about my words and my behaviours, maybe some of the criticism is somewhat bitter or groudless, but they can still serve as a good way to know what and where I can do to improve myself.

Uh, if there are plenty of compliments and awards for the achievements I have done, it would be much better.